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Know your provider!

A small company with big impact. That is Rocky Mountain Kids. We want you to love us, trust us, promote us... and in return we will continue to work hard to be the best provider Colorado has to offer in caring for your kids.

Passionate. Experienced. Genuine.

Our team is diverse. We employ students, teachers & health experts. We love Colorado, its culture, its communities, and its great outdoors. That is why we only serve Colorado. We aren't a company too big for its own good. We.... are you, and that is why we are here, to provide the option that wasn't previously available for the care of your children before and after school.
We are RMK.
Kate Cleveland
Brennan Fontaine
Executive Director, Business
Contact Brennan for any on-site, licensing, or programming issues.
Phone/Text: 720-275-0654
Executive Director,
Employee Services
Contact Kate for any employment, scheduling, and general questions.
Phone/Text: 720-480-4895 ​​
Russ Cleveland
Rocky Mountain Kids
Executive Director, Finance
Contact Russ for any billing, website, or software questions.
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Our Why
We believe that quality over quantity produces a better product and service for you. It creates less headaches for us, ultimately benefitting the students... something many of our competitors have forgotten. We aren't overpriced, we aren't understaffed. We run a safe, professional program without unecessary bells and whistles. Try us.... we think you'll like it!